The Hotel Gran Misiones Querétaro, built in the mid-sixteenth century, demonstrates the height of colonial Querétaro city of fine taste and tradition. City of culture and growth, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, Querétaro is proud to have among its wide variety of buildings, the Hotel Gran Misiones Querétaro, where thanks to its unique architectural beauty, guests will appreciate the majesty of the sixteenth and eighteenth making a trip to the past experience during their stay. Located in a privileged location, the hotel's proximity to the historic center to explore the streets surrounded by museums, chapels, restaurants and boutiques, as well as going into its magical story that prevails over time. Only 30 minutes from the international airport and two hours from Mexico City, discover the majesty and comfort of a grand hotel in a wonderful city. Within the Hotel Gran Misiones Querétaro, is the only lamp in the imperial style Mexican Republic (4 meters high and 2.80 meters wide) and gold-plated Swarovski crystal, and a chapel dating from the seventeenth century to venerate the Virgin of the city. Comprised of three beautiful patios and 31 elegant suites all different each other, giving a touch of elegance and distinctiveness. Some of the rooms have beautiful original floors of the age, type cedar wood furniture and hand-carved marble and onyx decor that give you unique beauty of the hotel.

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