The house is located in a place that is privileged since the sixteenth century and although nothing remains of the original construction, if we keep the second stage originated in the eighteenth century, which according to its composition, seen through the various alterations, corresponds Baroque for the fifties of that century in the front and back of the era of eclecticism in the second half of the nineteenth century. In this house were found some architectural elements that indicate that the oldest buildings to be built in the eighteenth century, such as walls and parts of framed on the walls were drowned. Another feature is that the house had piped water service in 1840 and had a straw clean water, two straws in 1907 and in 1935 three straws. The water was supplied through channels of stone and brick in part still exist, since some of them in certain parts of the city came to have large dimensions. Usually these channels are confused by the mysterious tunnels that contemporary legend, which is said to have been passages extending throughout the city. According to testimonials, the house was built before the time of Hidalgo which owned construction start putting all its efforts and capital to build this. Fifteen have been telling the current owners, considering that the latter has over eighteen years of ownership. Today, the task has been accomplished, making the dream come true, everything has fallen into place. Light winds its way through every color of the new paintings that highlight the monument. Every stroke of paint on the walls are those that stand out as the exaltation of the efforts and dreams to last corner of the house. In fact, all spaces have been illuminated with the new manifestation of creativity and splendor.

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